square03_orange.gif  ENGLISH

  November 1989, INSIDE KARATE p40-46 & Cover picture:
    A sneak preview of ¡°Best of the Best¡± starring Phillip Rhee as Tommy Lee.  Contains the story line and     pictures of the movie.

  January 15, 1990, VIDEO p.29
    Story line of ¡°Best of the Best¡±

  March 1993, MARTIAL ARTS MOVIES ¡¯93, p.22-30}
    A detailed story line of ¡°Best of the Best 2¡±.  Has pictures from the movie as well as sections about the     stars in the movie.

  Mar/April 93, TRANSPACIFIC p.42-47
    An article based on an interview with Phillip Rhee.  This article describes his life story including his     background as a child, how he started filming movies, his motivation in movies, etc.

  June 1993, KOREAN JOURNAL p.8-9 & Cover picture:
    Interview with Phillip Rhee with questions on his solo action movie ¡°Ballastic¡± and view on his work and     future.

  June 1995, INSIDE TAE KWON DO p.22-29 & Cover picture:
    In depth look into ¡°Best of the Best3¡±.  Has 2 sections: Story Line & About the Cast.  Also has various     scenes from the movie.

  December 15, 1995, VIDEO p.24
    Short interview with Phillip Rhee about ¡°Best of the Best 3: No Turning Back¡±


   square03_orange.gif  KOREAN

  April 1993, ROAD SHOW p.242-243
    Introduction to the movie ¡°Best of the Best2¡±

May 1993, Movie Digest p.77:
    Very brief outline of ¡°Best of the Best¡±

 August 1993, KOMERICAN p.48-49 & Cover picture:
    Talks about Philip Rhee¡¯s work and potentials.  Also introduces Philip¡¯s father and his picture.

    Short article about Philip Rhee receiving Golden Ring Award


square03_orange.gif  Other Language
 June 2000, KARATE p.84-87& Cover picture
    Interview with Phillip & Simon Lee. Has pictures of Phillip and Simon Lee demonstrating TaeKwonDo.

  BUDO (issue 11) p.58-61
nterview with action star Phillip Rhee who starred in ¡°Best of the Best¡± I and II.



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