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  Hello all!  :)
My name is Meg, and I live in the U.S., in Maine.  (Yes, waaaay up there!)
My age is? well, suffice it to say I'm still young enough to get carded when
I buy alcohol? and old enough to laugh hysterically when it happens!  I'm
married, with a husband and a little boy I adore.  I worked in media and
marketing prior to motherhood, and now I'm learning web design, partially
through self-teaching and partially through working with friends on their
websites.  (Thank you, Justin!)  Someday when you're out browsing fan sites
on the ??net, I might just be your Webmistress!

Unlike Phillip, Paige, and a lot of the fans out there, I do not practice
martial arts.  I have a recurring leg injury, so common sense tells me that
a sport with aggressive kicking probably isn't for me!  I do, however, LOVE
martial arts movies.  I also love surfing the Internet.  I can spend hours
looking up any person or thing that catches my interest?which is how I came
across Phillip's site, and ? met??Justin and Paige.

The more I learned about Phillip (through studying the information on his
website, reading his posts on the Q&A Board, and later corresponding with
him via e-mail), the more impressed I became with him as a person.  He
seemed genuine, and kind, which is something we could use more of in the
world today.  I am not by nature a person who is easily won over by
celebrities, but his warmth and positive attitude made me see him as more
than just a pretty face (and an ass-kicking athlete!).  I liked him. In
fact, I liked him well enough to volunteer to work on his site?which is how
many of you out there might come to correspond with me!

On that note...welcome to!  We look forward to hearing from
you!  :)



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